New in GQ: The Battle of Bastion

One year ago, a group of fifteen Taliban fighters sneaked onto the massive air field of Camp Bastion and launched one of the most devastating attacks of the war, destroying hundreds of millions of dollars worth of Marine jets in a single evening. The tale of the audacious attack--and of the small band of Marine aviators who fought back desperately to avoid being overrun--has never been fully told, and nor has the military held anyone accountable for lapses in security. In this month's issue of GQ Magazine, I bring you the Battle of Camp Bastion.

 The article is available for free online, but if you pick up a paper copy from the newsstands, you'll get a bonus caricature of me on the Contributors page.

In other news, I'm back in Afghanistan after a month's vacation over Ramadan, and I have some exciting projects planned for the fall that I'm looking forward to sharing with you, so stay tuned.